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Kateryna Smirnova

Dear Colleagues,

We are so excited to introduce you to the pages of our publication!  Pilates is our entire world; studying and learning it – is our passion.  Joseph Pilates introduced his system of combined movement, use of equipment and implementation of movement skills acquired during lessons over 100 years ago.  Today there are so many schools, viewpoints, and versions of the Method.  Pilates 4 You Journal aims to shed light on all of these topics with columns dedicated to Pilates history, information about schools and equipment, professional articles and practical recommendations to clients of Pilates studios.  We will explore everything that is relevant and interesting to Pilates professionals.  We are most of all, striving to be unbiased!  This journal was founded by two regular women who gathered a group of like-minded professionals. Through our shared goal of mastering the Method, we hope to make Pilates 4 You Journal a common information space for all who appreciate what Joseph Pilates called the “complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”  Join us!

We hope you enjoy reading this first issue!

Kateryna Smirnova

Welcome to Pilates 4 You Journal!

Our journal is dedicated to articles and features about the Pilates Method where all Pilates professionals and enthusiasts can come together and share their passion and excitement for this most amazing Mind-Body system. We will share with you, our readers, special events and highlights from the Pilates world throughout the year; present columns and articles that will deepen your understanding of the Method; and most exciting to me, feature contributing writers who will delve deeper into Pilates topics that we may not have considered or encountered before. Most of all, we want our journal to be inclusive, thoughtful and always welcoming to all who have found the Pilates Method.

Part of our mission is to bring high-quality, educational articles that are well researched and documented to our readers. Focusing a little more in depth helps advance our understanding of the Method. We are always open to hearing from you about what you would like to read and learn. If you have something to share, please feel free to email us with your ideas. We also see the journal as a sort of annual almanac of events from the Pilates world and a place to showcase professionals from all over the globe. We hope you enjoy the journal!

Nichole L’vov

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