“First educate the child!”. By Nataliya Vasilchenko, Kateryna Skrynnyk and Jamie Isaac

“First educate the child!”. By Nataliya Vasilchenko, Kateryna Skrynnyk and Jamie Isaac

“First educate the child!”

By Nataliya Vasilchenko

«…Experienced Pilates teacher, qualified osteopath, mother of two sons.
Joseph Pilates was right when he talked about the importance of physical education for children!
It is no secret that posture and health of children – and they are interrelated – have gotten worse over the last 20 years. Everyone knows about it, but does nothing. We teach our children to eat, bathe, dress, com- municate, but rarely teach them to move.

Why is this so important? Nowadays, children around six years old start to lose touch with their bodies. They stop running and playing and start sitting more and more, completely lost in their studies in another virtual world where, basically, they just need their head and hands. The situa- tion is no better with children and sports. They do not play or rest either. They sit a lot, studying, and then go to sports and subject their unpre pared bodies to heavy loads. You may say, “Well,
there it goes again, everything is bad: the envi- ronment is getting worse, food is poisoning us, internet is bad for you – just leave me alone!”

I won’t leave you alone, because I notice a seri- ous problem training the children. Parents may not be aware of it until it’s too late. They tend to have more “core” left in them because they were lucky enough to grow up without computers. The “Core” is inside the body, and people who sit a lot tend to lose it because it’s no longer needed. Now, it be- comes necessary to recreate the core “on purpose”. Sports and simple morning workouts are of no use here, as these techniques imply that the “core” should already be in the body. I see kids moving and think that they need Pilates. It would be nice to introduce Pilates lessons at school, but I’m afraid it won’t happen soon.

By Jamie Isaac

Playful Pilates:
“First, educate the child… Habits are easily formed – good and bad. Why not then concentrate on the formation of only good habits… It is of paramount importance that the child be taught the major principles of ‘Balance of Body and Mind’ ”
Joseph H Pilates

Joseph Pilates was truly ahead of his time. He had a mission for everyone to learn his method and children were very much a part of this mission.
Whether you’re looking to introduce some mindful movement for your own children, or consid- ering leading a class in your community, you’ll find that the joy and benefits of Playful Pilates, spreads far further than to just the children.

I like to believe that our goal should be not to simply teach children, but to inspire them and ex- cite them towards developing a lifelong relationship with the Pilates method.
To do this we need to change our overall approach to the method. By introducing Pilates through playful and fun activities, children can develop their under- standing of movement in the body, and find a deeper, more personal relationship with the work.

We can always return to a more structured and traditional Pilates style in the future after their Pi- lates fire has been ignited.
But starting a fire is easier said than done. So here’s a few tips to help us ignite their interest…»




Full text available in 'Pilates4you Journal «Pilates Plus Psyche»'

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