MENOPAUSE – Mid-life Redefined by Nuala Coombs

MENOPAUSE – Mid-life Redefined by Nuala Coombs

«…The vast majority of woman will experience their Menopause in a 2 to 10 year window of time, usually from their mid-forties to their mid-fifties. But even if they begin much earlier, or end later, they may still be having their own version of a healthy menopause. Whether they never feel a single hot flash, or continue to have them into your late sixties, it can be “normal” for them.

It’s Personal

Some woman sail through the whole transition from Peri- Menopause to the finish line whilst others have a more challenging  time. It’s interesting to note that only about one third of women experiencing the menopause seek any professional medical help with symptoms. The general feeling is it’s inevitable so they should “get on with it”. Although I doubt you’ll experience a client who actually asks you for help with her menopause symptoms there are considerations when working with a female in this age bracket.

Exercise Helps The Transition

It’s well researched that exercise helps with symptoms of the menopause.  The elements of exercise that will benefit the transition are:…»


Full text available in 'Pilates4you Journal №1 «KEYS TO OUR PAST»'

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