Miss Great Britain, Body Fitness learns to Love Pilates By Joakim Valsinger

Miss Great Britain, Body Fitness learns to Love Pilates By Joakim Valsinger

«The day Miss Great Britain walked in to a Pilates Studio her training routine was changed forever. Body Builder Michelle Morris has used Pilates to help her gain international acclaim taking third place at the Arnold Classic competition in Madrid, and to retain her Miss Great Britain title for a second time running.

Michelle looked impressive when she first met Joakim Valsinger, Pilates Instructor and owner of Bälans Pilates Studio in Perth, Scotland. But her chances of success in competitive body building were looking less certain. The demands of a gruelling training regime in the weightlifting gym and a highly controlled diet meant that she was in constant pain and found it difficult to sleep. Michelle’s body shape, muscle tone, and body fat percentage were all in the correct range for competition, but training fatigue had set in, and if left unchecked this could have hampered her ability to move forward with her competitive career. Could Pilates be the key to unlocking her potential? Michelle attended Rannoch Physiotherapy, based at Bälans Pilates Studio to seek help for her debilitating shoulder pain. Her shoulder definition had always been one of her strongest attributes, but she was now unable to lift heavy weights in shoulder routines which would hold her schedule back with only 12 weeks left before the biggest competition of her career. Physiotherapist Simon Grant applied his effective techniques of acupuncture, taping and massage and suggested that Michelle try Pilates and Sports Massage. He could diagnose no injury to the site and there was still a chance to get her training routine back on track. Michelle had an informal chat with Joakim about the possibility of taking up Pilates. “At our first meeting I saw that she was holding her shoulders too high and unevenly. With some very basic shoulder elevation/depression exercises she highlighted the tension in her upper trapezius and levator scapula muscles, so I knew straight away that we could get a result by using Pilates techniques,” says Joakim…»


Full text available in 'Pilates4you Journal №2 «PILATES LEGEND»'

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