Pilates for David by Alan Herdman and Valentine Low

Pilates for David by Alan Herdman and Valentine Low

«He is 17 feet tall, 500 years old and regarded as the embodiment of male physical perfection.

From the mop of curly hair on his head down to his big marble feet, Michelangelo’s David has been revered since the Renaissance as the last word in boyish beauty. The well-toned chest, the nicely muscled legs (and all the rest): who would possibly want to improve on it?

Well, one man would. He is Alan Herdman, Britain’s top Pilates guru, and he says that brought to life, Michelangelo’s David would have been a physical wreck. Mr. Herdman, the man who brought the exercise technique to Britain more than 35 years ago, says that David would have suffered from a bad back, a weak hip, weak ankles and poor flexibility – all because of his poor posture. “Michelangelo may have been an artistic genius but he clearly knew far less than we do today about posture and the proper workings of the human body,” says Mr. Herdman…»


Full text available in 'Pilates4you Journal №1 «KEYS TO OUR PAST»'

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