Pilates for Fibromyalgia by Michael King

Pilates for Fibromyalgia by Michael King

«According to experts, Fibromyalgia is the second most widespread musculoskeletal infirmity after osteoarthritis in American and around the world.  The National Fibromyalgia Association notes that Fibromyalgia Syndrome is a highly recognized unremitting pain characterized by frequent musculoskeletal pains, tenderness, aches, general fatigue, and lack of proper sleep. Even though the main cause of Fibromyalgia Syndrome is unknown, it affects between 6 and 12 million people in America. According to the NFA, women are the most vulnerable to FMS at the ration of 9:1. Mainly, women between the ages 25 and 50 are the most susceptible. Unfortunately, this illness is frequently misdiagnosed and misconstrued. What’s worse, it can easily result in depression and withdrawal.

Finding the right diagnosis of FMS is tricky given that not even a single purposeful diagnostic test exist at the moment. The only attempt that has been made so far regarding the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia was the establishment of tender spot palpation analytic criteria by the American College of Rheumatology in 1990. For the diagnosis to be positive the patient has to experience pain in 11 out of 18 soft points and it should persist for not less than three months. The most common symptoms of Fibromyalgia Syndrome include…»


Full text available in 'Pilates4you Journal №1 «KEYS TO OUR PAST»'

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