Pilates for the Military Drills That Get Results by Joakim Valsinger

Pilates for the Military Drills That Get Results by Joakim Valsinger

«…Pilates can assist in the training of these men, but it cannot replace the many hours required to be able to carry heavy personal equipment over long distances on rough terrain with very little sleep and in tough weather.  Where Pilates can make a huge impact, however, is in keeping the Commando recruit fit for training.  Every man who undertakes this training will pick up a list of injuries on the way.  Some of these injuries will be minor, requiring no rehabilitation, some will require rest and physiotherapy.  A man could easily be placed on light duties for three months of the year in his attempt to gain overall fitness to attempt the All Arms Commando Course.  If, by the use of Pilates, this period of rest could be reduced to one month, how much more effective would his training be, and conceivably, how much better prepared would he be for the course, thus how much more likely to pass?

At their first session, we did a two-hour introduction workshop which combined Week 1 and Week 2 exercises.  We were able to really dissect and practice this routine to get a fair understanding of the method.

All the men at 383 Commando found the workshop challenging, and those who continued the program to the end found it rewarding.

There was plenty of huffing, puffing and swearing at the workshop and after that first session they all agreed that this was not just something that wives and girlfriends do…»


Full text available in 'Pilates4you Journal №1 «KEYS TO OUR PAST»'

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