Pilates For The Professional Athlete by Kateryna Smirnova

Pilates For The Professional Athlete by Kateryna Smirnova

«The benefits of Pilates for professional athletes in any sport are obvious: the enhancement of physical performance cannot but positively affect the athlete’s success. This is obvious for every Pilates instructor and athlete who has tested the system on themselves.

However, let’s not forget about the sportsman’s priorities: for a professional athlete, physical activity is a matter of life. Pilates, as a method of uniform redistribution on the body, is always going to be a secondary priority for the professional athlete.

When we, Pilates instructors, are working with an ordinary person, whose body is not exposed to excessive stress associated with sports, we have the luxury of taking our time -letting the client feel, remove excess stress and gradually working on building the body from the inside out.

Well, what if you need to work with a real professional athlete who does not have the time to wait until the body is built, and cannot just postpone difficult and stressful movements to the body? In this case, the Pilates instructor is obliged to mobilize all the available resources of the athlete’s body and direct them to the protection of the area or areas most exposed to injury. And there is not much time for that, only as much as the athlete has at his disposal. After all, athletes do not need to be taught discipline and determination. They will come by themselves if they see the point, and they will obediently do anything that makes them feel more confident in their sport.

There are certainly a lot of injuries in sports. Pilates is often used for the purpose of rehabilitation and it is the most common association with the method. But with the help of Pilates, one can achieve other results as well…»


Full text available in 'Pilates4you Journal №1 «KEYS TO OUR PAST»'

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