Pilates In Heels – Suffering for Fashion?

Pilates In Heels – Suffering for Fashion?

«It is difficult to imagine that the sound of women’s heels will ever disappear from the city streets.

It just cannot happen!

And though every woman has heard more than once that wearing high heels is harmful, few take it seriously. Just like smokers who know smoking is harmful, but continue to smoke; women continue to wear high heels despite the pain and discomfort. Yet in most cases smokers know the risks of smoking in detail. But what about women? Do they always know what exactly threatens their health when buying a new pair of heels?

It’s hard to admit that uncomfortable fashion can be just as detriental to health as smoking. But, in spite of the dangers, women are still going to dress as required by the current trends. And interestingly enough, if suddenly men switched their wardrobes with us and could wear our fantastic clothes, their joints and internal organs would last much longer than those of women’s. The reasons are physiological!

This article attempts to highlight the reasons for these problems and possible solutions. Many women, young or old, oftentimes complain about:…»


Full text available in 'Pilates4you Journal №2 «PILATES LEGEND»'

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