The Forgotten Pilates Apparatus

The Forgotten Pilates Apparatus

By Reiner Grootenhuis

«The Baby Chair or sometimes just called Arm Chair is one of the forgotten treasures of Joseph Pilates genius. While training on a mat and with the Reformer is today very popular, and working with the Tower or the Wunda Chair is being offered more often, the Pilates Arm Chair is sadly not widely known. Thus, the knowledge about the Arm Chair is very limited. Mari Winsor even speaks about the Baby Chair as the most neglected piece of Pilates equipment.
I have to be honest, I, too, was unsure for quite some time whether I should buy an Arm Chair for my studio or not. Although I had already been familiar with a modern form of the Arm Chair during my Pilates studio education, I thought that I could perform the exercises I had learnt with my light arm springs and a Reformer Sitting Box as well. Back then, I was not aware of the importance of the support of the back and especially of the feedback of the chair for the shoulders given by the backrest on the “traditional” Arm Chair…»

Image courtesy of Gratz Equipment

Full text available in 'Pilates4you Journal №2 «PILATES LEGEND»'

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