The Women – and a certain man! Conference – Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Women – and a certain man! Conference – Santa Fe, New Mexico

«We live in a world right now where more people need to be doing what we do and we need to figure out how to make that happen».
Kevin Bowen

Organized by Kevin Bowen, this conference focused on those elders who are no longer with us. Students of these elders presented workshops on their mentors to over 80 attendees. Presenters included Michele Larsson, Suzanne Gutterson, and Deborah Kolwey (Eve Gentry), Cara Reeser and Blossom Crawford (Kathy Grant), Peter Roel and Phoebe Higgins (Romana Kryzanowska), Jillian Hessel (Carola Trier), Pat Guyton and Elizabeth Jones Boswell (Ron Fletcher). Attendees enjoyed the three-day event, which included 2 ½ hour workshops that gave plenty of time to explore the work and lives of the elders being discussed. In addition, there were movement labs and mat and equipment classes featuring presenters and other notable teachers in attendance, both local and from afar, like Beth Elkins Wales, Maya Aubrey, Ruth Alpert, Kathy Bond and Amy Havens as well as Kevin Bowen himself.

With plenty of time between sessions to socialize with other teachers including the presenters themselves, the conference encouraged fellowship, meaningful conversation and the establishment of new ties and connections between the various lineages represented. But this conference was not just a look back at where we’ve come from, it also focused on exploring where we are going as a profession and how to honor our past but embrace the future with excitement and thoughtfulness.

Enriched by the depth of information received and the power of the conversations held, attendees reluctantly said goodbye to each other with warm hugs and promises to keep in touch with their fellow newly-found friends in Pilates. We are looking forward to next year!…»

Art of Visualization from Conference Presenters and full text available in ‘Pilates4you Journal №3 «PILATES Plus Psyche»

Full text available in 'Pilates4you Journal «Pilates Plus Psyche»'


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