The Multi-Dimensional Worlds of Mary Bowen by Kateryna Smirnova

The Multi-Dimensional Worlds of Mary Bowen by Kateryna Smirnova

The Multi-Dimensional Worlds of Mary Bowen by Kateryna Smirnova

«…Mary is an unusual person because if for no other reason, she works in 3 different places, located in 3 different states. So dear reader, we take you on a journey to these 3 special places where you might find Mary.

1. Northampton 

Northampton – a pleasant university town with wellkept streets lined with cafes and stores, where the academic spirit lives. Here is where the legendary Mary Bowen has placed her home studio, Lifelong Pilates with Mary Bowen.

Among the well-cared-for wooden homes, on an ordinary street stands the portal to another reality where anything is possible, everything is true, where there are no barriers between the movement of Pilates and psychoanalysis. But there is a chance to see oneself in totality, without refraction.

Mary Bowen happily greets you at the door and makes her way along the stairs to a downstairs room where on a small couch one’s journey begins. Surrounded by cats and dogs, mysterious objects and her unusual voice, you will travel to a new place – from which one cannot return – a meeting with oneself.

When it is time, you will move to the upstairs studio room where almost every piece of equipment was built by Mary’s husband Alec Martin. Serious work awaits you – and not just Pilates exercises. There is only one thing guaranteed – you definitely have no idea what’s coming next!

There are many unusual props in the studio: Egg Balls, loops of various lengths, strange sleeve-like props. All of which can be used when working with Mary.

2. Connecticut

Here Mary lives in the forest in a colonial home built in 1810. Not far from the house is another unusual building. So as not to freeze in the winter, it is necessary to heat it with a space heater. It’s a shame that the objects in this studio can’t speak and tell us the things they’ve experienced with Mary over the years. There are unusual types of apparatus that you won’t find anywhere else but also traditional Pilates equipment – all serving for many decades. Here, far from civilization, Mary conjures the magic of reincarnation…»

Painting «The Seal of Silence». A.Siderski


Full text available in 'Pilates4you Journal «Pilates Plus Psyche»'


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