The Pilates Haus, Jersey City, NJ

The Pilates Haus, Jersey City, NJ

«The Pilates Haus in Jersey City, NJ is owned by Brett Howard, one of the premier Pilates instructors in the world. A protégé of Romana Krysanowska, he is a skilled and deft Pilates teacher. Although located in New Jersey, Brett Howard’s studio is conveniently near the subway. For those staying in Manhattan, the ride on the Path train from midtown to Brett’s studio is only 20 minutes.

Brett’s studio is bright and cozy but still maintains the feeling of a place where real work happens. There is nothing superfluous in the studio, only that which makes quality Pilates occur.

It definitely has the masculine touch. I asked Brett, “Do your clients realize that their teacher is a star in the Pilates world?”

He smiled and humbly replied, “Why do they need to know that?! They just like coming to my classes. That’s enough.”

My visit coincided with the filming of the film, Joseph Pilates: A Tribute. And because of this, I had the opportunity to enjoy watching Brett in movement. It was absolutely first class! It’s so inspiring and motivating when your teacher can perform the most difficult elements with ease and grace…»


Full text available in 'Pilates4you Journal №2 «PILATES LEGEND»'

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